Jesse Fulton

President & Founder   1-888-817-6784, Ex: 206
  • Nickname: Fultron, Rookie, Moleman
  • Spirit Animal: Tiger but I am definitely still a Taurus
  • Favourite Food: Fondue
  • Hidden Talent: Surprisingly flexible for a guy this chubby…
  • Words to Live By: Any Churchill or Charles Bukowski quote is good for me.

Jesse Fulton was raised in Canada and Mexico. An enthusiast of adventure and action sports led Jesse into a professional snowboard career at the age of 13. Fulton maintained his professional snowboarding career for 13 years and is recognized as a legend in the sport. His drive and ability developed never done before tricks leading to over 35 career podiums. Jesse maintained his passion for the sport by becoming a snowboard coach and founded the current #1 Ski and Snowboard program in the country; Shreducation. In 2010, Jesse Coached the Canadian Olympic team at the 2010 Olympics and continues to produce some of the best athletes to this day in both freestyle Ski and Snowboard.

A founding member of 365 Sports, Jesse’s drive, and creativity have helped build some of the best events in Canada. Jesse strives for excellence and his agenda has, and always will be for the competitors to take away a positive experience. Jesse has been recognized as one of the 7 most influential professional athletes to continue in the Canadian Action Sports business and has had the honour of receiving the Canadian Coaches Excellence Award, the Olympic Excellence Award, and multiple business achievement awards. He is recognized for his support and charitable contributions to athletes without means. In 2007 Jesse concepted, developed and starred in the reality TV series “Shreducation”. The show was sold to 4 networks (Disney, Nickelodeon, MTV and the Score) in 54 markets worldwide and gained the special attention of the Canadian Entertainment industry, being one of the only Canadian concepts and productions to be sold to Disney. He has also starred in a number of other TV shows and commercials throughout his career.

Jesse’s focus is on creating unique and original events, television production, and excellence in sport. He has traveled to over 40 countries and speaks 3 languages fluently. His tenacious attitude and generosity are recognized globally and his knack for new business and development is unmatched. Jesse has amassed an extremely impressive rolodex of friends and associates and maintains great relationships in business and the industries he works within. Former successful business endeavors such as distribution and retail companies have left Jesse with an abundance of knowledge in sport, retail, TV production, distribution and a unique understanding of customer engagement.

Fulton Recently moved to the Blue Mountains where he focuses on raising his two sons, maintaining his businesses, new ventures and entrepreneurship.

His mandate is simple: be fair, be honest, tell it like it is, believe nothing of what you hear and half of what you see.