Jesse Fulton

President & Founder 1-888-817-6784, Ex: 206
  • Nickname: Fultron, Rookie, Moleman
  • Spirit Animal: Tiger but I am definitely still a Taurus
  • Favourite Food: Fondue
  • Hidden Talent: Surprisingly flexible for a guy this chubby…
  • Words to Live By: Any Churchill or Charles Bukowski quote is good for me.

Jesse Fulton’s life reads like an adrenaline-fueled comedy skit, born from the diverse landscapes of Canada and Mexico. Picture this: a 13-year-old snowboard prodigy, flipping and spinning into a legendary 13-year career, pioneering never-before-seen tricks, and collecting over 36 podium finishes like they were going out of style. Not just content with personal glory, Jesse turned his passion into a coaching career, launching Shreducation, the first high-performance freestyle Ski and Snowboard program of its kind, only to sell it when fatherhood called for less globe-trotting and more Skype birthday parties.

Imagine coaching at the Olympics, all while redefining action sports and then deciding, amidst the glory, that family and making a real difference meant more. Jesse’s not your ordinary sports hero; he’s the guy who, after changing the face of Canadian snowboarding, went on to create some of the most exciting events in Canada, Australia, and the USA, all while keeping it real and ensuring everyone leaves with a smile.

His tale is one of impact, from receiving the Canadian Coaches Excellence Award, Olympic Excellence Award and Multiple Business Awards to helping undiscovered talent soar, regardless of their bank balance. Jesse believes in giving back, evident in his reality TV venture, “Shreducation,” which dazzled networks (Disney, Nickelodeon, MTV, The Score) worldwide, and his knack for predicting industry trends, earning him the nickname in business as “the guy with the crystal ball.” His real nickname remains “Rookie” he states clearly.

Beyond the camera, Jesse’s life has been a rollercoaster of daring feats and painful lessons, with a medical history more complex than most textbooks and a resolve of steel. His commitment to safety and growth in action sports is as much about nurturing the next generation as it is about preventing the next injury.

Now settled back in the landscapes of his youth, in the Beaver Valley and Pointe Au Baril, Jesse’s focus is on raising his sons, spearheading new ventures, and living by a code of zero BS, all while managing a business empire that not only contributes 100’s of millions to the economy but also generously supports charitable causes and employs thousands of staff. Not bad for someone who speaks three languages but still jokes about his 10th-grade education. Jesse Fulton is proof that with enough drive, humour, and heart, the slopes of life are endless, and every day is a chance to carve a new path.

Jesse Currently owns a number of businesses and ventures including,, and of course the 365 Sports group of companies globally.

Shreducation fun over the years. Grom 1 Grom 2

Jesse testing the pipe at his own event at the age of 37. This was his first day riding a pipe since being pro (11 years) and his last as he could barely walk the next day 😉
Provincial Championships
Brad Martin Pipestyle

Sony Snowcrown National Freestyle Ski and Snowboard Championships